• Frictionless investments in Israel


Our team handle the entire investment experience process on your behalf, taking care of all due diligence, including developers, bankers, attorneys, brokers, and government officials.


Jacobo Shemaria

Chairman & CEO

Alberto Shemaria

President & Business Development Officer

Moises Shemaria

President & Chief Operating Officer

Elias Levy

Director of Investor Relations

Jaime Salmun

Sales Manager

Debbie Askenazi

Assistant of Investor Relations


Yosi Azarzar

Managing Partner ISRACAP-GRAND

Israel Abuchazira

Managing Partner ISRACAP-GRAND

Meir Abuchazira

Director of Property Management

David Abuchazira

Director of Tenant Relations

Ariel Pogarelsky

Chief Financial & Legal Officer

Jacob Benzaquen

Banking Relations / Customer Rep

Alex Corcias

Corporate Coach

Miri Daniel

Assistant of Property Management

Chasi Tubin

Executive Assistant Office Manager

Shimi Brandwyn

Director of Marketing and Media